Window Replacement


Part of the fun in remodeling is enjoying the parts of the experience that are the most positive.  Stylish window replacement falls under that category as well as having a lot of great benefits.  When the time comes to replace your existing windows – there really is a lot to get excited about.  There have been so many technological advances in manufacturing and design, it can almost be overwhelming trying to decide.  The most popular reasons remodeling homeowners love their new windows include:

They Make Your House Look Great

Some windows are associated with a particular architectural style.  For example, double-hung windows are expected in traditional homes and many casement styles are associated with contemporary homes.  However most of these types can be added to any architectural style.  Divisions and grills can be used, along with interior and exterior trim, to integrate the window replacement with the style of your home.

They Offer Proper Ventilation

Double-hung windows were intended to provide convenient ventilation; the top sash can be lowered to let warm air escape and the bottom sash raised to let cool air in.  Casement windows offer the greatest ventilation area and seal tightly against the weather.

Because Dual Glazing Rocks!

The use of dual glazing helps keep heat in during winter months and cool air in during the warm months.  The higher the window’s thermal protection rating – the more comfortable you will be.  Impact resistance is also an important factor to consider.  Impact Resistance refers to the ability of the glass to resist impact from external forces like wind, birds, and kid’s toys.

An (almost too) Wide Choice of Materials

Window replacement means lots of selection!  The window frame materials include vinyl, fiberglass, and wood with an aluminum exterior.  Choosing between them may come down to the architectural style, durability, and investment.  In addition to frame types there are a huge assortment of decorative glass styles available that instantly add the perfect mood to any room.

Morey Remodeling

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