Shampoo Box Madness


When remodeling your bath or showerbe sure to plan the locations and sizes of all your built-in tiled soap and shampoo niches.  These recessed shelves are the perfect way to store bathing products while soaping up.

FORM = FUNCTION.  Not only are they a great example of a practical design application, they make a beautiful focal point and add depth and dimension to otherwise flat bathing walls.

Construction Rule-of-thumb – there has to be adequate free space behind the shower wall to accommodate the niche.  Although they can be built to almost any size or layout – make sure the design plan documents an optimal location and size.  This ensures successful framing and rough plumbing as well as possible conflicts (like an unmovable pipe run).

We all hate leaving our nice warm shower to slip around (dripping wet) to get a toothbrush or more soap.  Big sigh – sad face.  (A true bathing-bummer-moment).

Well… NO MORE!

The homeowner had a clever idea and trusted Morey Remodeling Group to design and construct his revolutionary shower niche.  It’s really an access panel into the adjacent cabinet where bathing and grooming supplies are cleverly stored.  A transparent/waterproof fiberglass access panel that is inset into back of niche keeps the dry goods –dry.

For this homeowner – being forced to leave puddles on your bathroom floor is now a thing-of-the-past.  No more bathing-bummers.

Morey Remodeling

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