Hands full?  …no problem! Make the occupancy sensor switch.

When you’re updating the lighting and switches during your remodel, be sure to ask your design/build team about including motion sensor switches.  Wouldn’t it be great to stop wasting energy and stressing about your children (or spouse) always forgetting to turn the lights off?

Now a requirement in bathrooms per California’s Title 24 code, these helpful energy saving switches are gaining popularity in other parts of the home.  Occupancy switches are a great help in laundry rooms, closets, walk-in pantries and utility rooms.

Currently, there are two types of sensors to choose from, an occupancy sensor or vacancy sensor.

What’s the difference you ask?  An occupancy sensor will automatically turn the lights on when motion is detected and then automatically turn the lights off when motion is no longer detected.  A vacancy sensor is similar except the lights need to be turned on manually.  Either of these options will comply with Title 24 codes and also help you conserve energy and lower your electric bills.

What rooms in your home would benefit from installing an occupancy sensor?

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