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Sensor faucet technology is becoming increasingly popular in kitchen and bathroom remodeling. Once used almost exclusively in commercial applications, these faucets are available in an array of finishes and styles making them a hot commodity in today’s homes. Major fixture brands like Delta and Moen have all created faucets with these sought-after features that utilize advanced sensors to offer a hands-free faucet experience.

Less work and worry for Mom

As a mother with two small children – using this innovation in faucet technology has proven to be the best choice for my kid’s bathroom. These modern faucets have many benefits as well as helping to conserve water. While washing her hands or brushing her teeth (major accomplishment) my daughter finds them fun and easy to use. She loves “magically” waving her hand under the faucet to operate it. I like not having to worry about the faucet being left on all day when we leave the house. Most sensor faucets turn off automatically after a specific amount of time or when the user exits the sensor zone. I appreciate how shiny and clean the faucets stay as well as the lack of countertop hard-water spots from dripping-wet hands used to physically turn off our previous faucet. Hurray!

No more cross-contamination

I’ll also never again have a kitchen sink without a hands-free faucet. It’s a game changer! My grandmother was always fond of saying “the best cooks get their hands dirty.” So picture this… it’s almost dinner time – I’m making chicken meatballs (one of my family’s favorite meals). After portioning the raw meat mixture, shaping the meatballs and placing them on a baking sheet, I’m ready to wash the gunk off my hands. I no longer have to worry about contaminating the kitchen faucet handle with a salmonella-spreading greasy mess or awkwardly having to creatively use my elbows to operate it. The built-in sensors activate the water with a simple wave of my hand. So handy and so simple.

Faucet technology in your remodel

When planning your kitchen renovation or bathroom update and deciding what faucet features are best to incorporate, do yourself and your family a favor by taking advantage of the many benefits that innovative hands-free faucet technology offers.

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