Microwave Drawers


Some of the buzz about stylish new trends in kitchen appliances for 2015 include:

Refrigerator & Freezer Columns:  As opposed to being built together as one appliance, these refrigerator and freezer units are independent from each another and can be installed in separate parts of your kitchen. This gives you more flexibility with the layout and design of the space.  (Now there’s a novel idea!)  These column refrigeration units are available in a stainless steel finish or able to accommodate an integrated panel to allow you to camouflage them into the cabinetry of your kitchen.

Microwave Drawers:  From a design standpoint, the introduction of microwave drawers opens up lots of possibilities.  By moving the microwave down into the lower section of cabinets, it frees-up space on the countertop. It also relocates the microwave away from eye-level. This allows other appliances (like a range hood) pop.  It also streamlines the kitchen, reduces visual clutter and is a lot handier to use than microwaves installed above counter height.  With microwave drawers, an unused part of your kitchen can now become more functional.  As pictured above, an island or peninsula makes the perfect place for a microwave drawer.

Colorful Ranges:  Are you bored with standard stainless steel too?  Some of the most memorable kitchens I’ve seen use a colorful range or hood as a focal point and splash of color.  Many manufactures make standard stainless, black and white appliances. But certain appliance companies (like BlueStar) manufacture a range of eye-popping colors. Some of these colors include beautiful blues, fiery reds and festive oranges which are sure to make an impact in your kitchen!

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