Radiant Heating


Radiant floor heating makes walking around barefoot on on a chilly SoCal morning… an enjoyable truly cost-effective luxury.  Imagine the feeling of a nice warm tile or wood underfoot.  Slippers are so overrated, aren’t they?  Although underfloor heating is considered a modern technology, it has a fascinating history spanning some 7,000 years!  The original concepts of applying heat to the floor inspired the advancements that have resulted in the systems used today.

Flexible Application

No matter the type of flooring you are considering, a radiant heat system can be installed (even under carpet).  The most common applications are in bathrooms.  It’s wonderful around commodes, in front of vanity sinks or outside of showers.  A truly good way to start your day and have comfort exactly where you want it.  People with allergies often prefer radiant heat because it doesn’t distribute allergens like forced air systems can.

Efficient and Economical

Another benefit is that generated radiant floor heat rises and warms up an otherwise cold bathroom.  No need to spend money heating the whole house!  Under-floor heating is very efficient and economical.  It evenly heats your whole room (and with separate zoning) allows you to program the system to heat when and where you want it.  It also heats the space without the drying effects that forced HVAC systems create.

Radiant floor heating system manufacturers offer a few different applications designed to adapt to individual room size and layouts.  A good licensed contractor (like Morey Remodeling) can help you select which system is the best for your particular application and install it for you.  

PS: Learn from my experience.  I skimped on installing this in my first bathroom remodel and I now regret that after having it installed in another bathroom.  My family (including our pets) fight over being in and using that one!

Morey Remodeling

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