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Welcome to Morey Remodeling Group, where your architectural dreams take shape under the skilled hands of our expert team. As the beacon of design build Orange County services, we're dedicated to transforming each square inch of your space into a symphony of style and functionality. Our mission transcends the ordinary; we aim to weave innovation with precision to craft spaces that reflect your unique lifestyle and aspirations.

With meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment to excellence, we are prepared to bring your vision to life. Whether it's a minor update to refresh your living area or a complete makeover to redefine your home, join us on this creative journey. Your home will become a canvas for our expert design and building artistry.

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Why Partner with Morey Remodeling Group?

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Tailored Design Processes

Our design build Orange County services begin with a personalized approach to design. We work directly with you from the beginning to guarantee that the final design matches your vision and surpasses your expectations since we recognize that every homeowner has different demands, and we customize our services to meet your particular lifestyle and aesthetic preferences.

Integrated Project Delivery

As a leading design build firm, Morey Remodeling Group streamlines the renovation process by integrating both design and construction phases. This method not only increases productivity but also gives you a single point of contact for the duration of the project, guaranteeing consistency and quality from beginning to end.

Commitment to Quality and Sustainability

Our dedication to delivering high-quality results is matched by our commitment to sustainability. We employ eco-friendly practices and materials in all our design build Orange County projects, aiming to reduce environmental impact while enhancing the energy efficiency and comfort of your home.

The Morey Method

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Comprehensive Design Build Services Offered

Explore our range of custom home improvement Orange County services designed to personalize and enhance every aspect of your living space.

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Luxurious Kitchen and Bath Remodels

Transform the heart of your home with our design build services, specializing in luxurious kitchen and bathroom renovations. We create spaces that combine breathtaking aesthetics with ultimate functionality. Using only premium materials and the latest home appliance technology, we ensure that your new kitchen or bathroom not only looks spectacular but also caters to all your needs. Whether you're dreaming of a minimalist modern kitchen or a spa-inspired bathroom, our team is here to bring your vision to life with precision and style.

Innovative Home Additions

Expand your living space with elegance and coherence using our expert design build Orange County services. Whether you're looking to add a spacious new bedroom, extend your living room, or construct a dedicated home office, our skilled team ensures that every new addition is integrated flawlessly with your home's existing architecture. We focus on seamless design and functional integration, enhancing the livability and value of your home with each addition.

Outdoor Living Enhancements

Unlock the full potential of your outdoor space with our design build services, which include the creation of stunning outdoor living areas. From crafting elegant patios and vibrant garden spaces to constructing full-service outdoor kitchens, we tailor each project to your lifestyle, making your outdoor space a perfect setting for relaxation and entertainment. Enjoy the beautiful climate of Orange County in your new outdoor haven, designed and built with the expertise that Morey Remodeling Group is known for.

Cutting-Edge Technologies and Advanced Materials

Smart Home Automation

Step into the future with our comprehensive smart home solutions, a highlight of our design build Orange County services. We integrate the latest in home automation technology to enhance the comfort, security, and efficiency of your residence. From automated lighting systems that adjust according to the time of day to advanced climate control that optimizes energy use, all elements are controlled via intuitive user interfaces. This integration not only simplifies your life but also adds a layer of modern sophistication to your home.

Advanced Building Materials

At Morey Remodeling Group, we utilize cutting-edge building materials that combine longevity, aesthetic appeal, and functionality. Our meticulous selection process ensures that every material used in your design build project meets rigorous quality standards. These materials are chosen for their durability and beauty, ensuring that each renovation or build not only looks remarkable but is also built to last, surpassing industry standards.

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Eco-Friendly Innovations

In our commitment to sustainability, our design build Orange County services incorporate eco-friendly innovations that reduce environmental impact while enhancing building efficiency. We use green materials, from recycled content to locally sourced elements, and employ construction methods that minimize waste. These sustainable practices help in creating healthier living environments and contribute to energy savings over the long term.

Acoustic Enhancements

Understanding the importance of sound management in residential spaces, our design build services include state-of-the-art acoustic solutions. Whether it’s soundproofing for home theaters, acoustically optimized walls for quiet rooms, or overall noise reduction strategies, we ensure your space is not only visually pleasing but also acoustically comfortable. These enhancements make your home a serene retreat from the bustling world outside.

Customizable Lighting Solutions

Lighting plays a pivotal role in a home's ambiance and functionality. Our design-build services provide adaptable lighting options to meet the various requirements of various settings. From dramatic accent lighting to enhance architectural features to task lighting that improves functionality in work areas like kitchens and offices, each lighting design is thoughtfully planned and implemented to complement your home’s aesthetic and practical needs.

These advanced technologies and materials are integral to our design build Orange County services, ensuring that every project we undertake is as innovative as it is enduring. Whether upgrading your current home or constructing a new one, Morey Remodeling Group brings the latest advancements directly to your doorstep, creating spaces that are not just built for today but designed for the future.

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We have been using Morey since 1992.

Morey Remodeling Group is very professional, conscious of budget, and communication. They gave us answers regarding design, product, and the finished look we desired.

We know that any promises made will be kept.



Customer Reviews


1. What is included in the initial design consultation?

We discuss your vision, assess your space, and outline potential design build strategies tailored to your project.

2. How do we handle changes during the project?

Changes are managed smoothly with flexible project plans, ensuring that adjustments are integrated without disrupting the overall timeline.

3. Are all necessary permits handled by Morey Group?

Yes, we manage all permitting requirements, providing a hassle-free design build Orange County experience.

4. What warranty does Morey offer on its projects?

We offer a thorough guarantee that covers the craftsmanship and materials, giving you peace of mind after the job is over.

5. How does Morey ensure project deadlines are met?

To keep the project moving forward and to stay in constant contact with you, we employ cutting-edge project management tools and procedures.

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Uplift your living experience with Morey Remodeling Group, the leader in design build Orange County. Our passionate staff is committed to turning your living area into a functional and artistic masterpiece.

With our creative thinking and painstaking attention to detail, we ensure that every project reflects our passion for quality and our commitment to exceeding your expectations. Trust Morey Remodeling Group to bring sophistication, comfort, and unparalleled craftsmanship to your home. Ready to turn your home into a masterpiece of design and functionality?

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