Remodel Savings 700


Need to save money remodeling and don’t know where to adjust your budget?  Careful planning and some creativity during a home renovation can help save big bucks.  There is always a way for a homeowner to stretch their budget and get the biggest bang for their buck.    Here are just a few of our favorites…

Don’t Move the Sink

One of the best ways to save money remodeling is to keep major plumbing fixtures in the same locations.  This can save 10%-35% on plumbing costs.  If you must move these fixtures, make sure you replace any old plumbing pipes while you’re at it.  This will save lots of money in the long run.

Increase Efficiency Not Size

Instead of blowing out your kitchen walls, explore how newer cabinetry using space saving cabinet accessories maximizes storage.  Cabinet accessories such as lazy susans, pull out panty racks, deep pot & pan drawers and tray dividers could increase your space by making them more efficient.

Stone Pre-Fab Savings

Who doesn’t want new countertops?  If you are considering a new granite, marble  or manufactured quartz countertop, be sure to take a look at using pre-fab (prefabricated) pieces.  These pre-cut slabs already have a bullnose edge and come in an assortment of popular colors.

Add Natural Light for Less

Instead of cutting a hole in the wall re-framing it for a new window, consider a less invasive option like a solar tube which could be 50% less cost.  These tubular daylighting devices can be installed in dim rooms and dark hallways by slipping them between the roof-rafters where they funnel sunlight down into the living space.  Brightness on a budget!

Long-term Costs vs. Short-term Gains

If your project calls for siding – you can save more in the long run by paying a little extra for composite siding instead.  This would hold up better to the wear and tear of the weather and require painting less frequently.  You save big on maintenance and replacement costs.

Morey Remodeling

‘Building Fine Homes’ was the commitment we made when Morey Construction built its first home in 1982 in Exeter, CA, almost 35 years ago. True to our original mission, our client-centered approach and an unwavering commitment to our clients’ satisfaction have earned us an unprecedented 95% return client/referral rating. Today, the re-branded Morey Remodeling Group offers a wide range of remodeling options including: full service remodeling including design and construction, whole home, additions, and kitchen and baths. Most of our clients are in the Orange County and Los Angeles County areas.