Remodeling FAQs

At Morey Remodeling we are committed to our clients happiness and take the time to listen to your concerns and answer any questions you may have. With these Remodeling FAQs, you as another potential success story can make an educated decision about your next project.

What is the benefit of working with a design/build company?

At Morey Remodeling we offer the design and build method because it is the best way to provide value to you. We provide a single source of contact which aids in accountability and investment control. We manage your project every step of the way to make sure your experience is a smooth process. Hiring a building partner you can trust will save you unwanted additional costs out of pocket and less headache. 

Why is it important to consider long term family needs when remodeling?

Lifestyle changes is a huge factor to consider when remodeling your home. Kids grow up and move out of the house. Elderly parents may move in, people take on new hobbies and interests change. There are many ways to modify your home so that you can utilize an empty room and turn it into a closet or perhaps an exercise room. Making bathrooms, hallways and second stories accessible are things you may not think of short term, but will have an effect on the future and can prolong the longevity of living in your home.

Why is it important to involve my spouse in the design decisions?

Different preferences are a common theme in most households. In the kitchen couples can be divided when it comes to different types of ovens, cooking ranges or microwave locations. One may prefer to either stand or sit at an island so height becomes a factor. In bathrooms one partner may want a Rain Can shower head and the other would like something more standard. All of these issues become apparent when making design decisions. Therefore it is important for both members to be at design meetings from the beginning.

Should I have a general contractor design my kitchen, bathroom or addition?

The most obvious answer: They’re not designers. Contractors have experience in building projects not design training. They are fully versed in putting things together and scheduling construction work. Having someone with design training and experience is important so that they can ask the questions necessary to create plans that fit your family needs and lifestyle.

Should I consider the impact on my home value when remodeling?

Customizing the features in your home may make it more enjoyable to you. Yet, it is important to remember that not everyone will love the orange Travertine flooring through out the entire house, bold color schemes or stylized lighting. Keep in mind the style of your house, not just your own personal style. Don’t add sharp lines and an abundance of stainless steel to a country kitchen or a rustic fireplace in a modern family room without remodeling the complete room.

Why is getting a job schedule important?

According to California Law and the Contractors’ State License Board; required provisions for construction contracts should include an “Approximate Start Date” followed by an “Approximate Completion Date.” Home renovations can send people on an emotional roller coaster at times. A job schedule can help calm those nerves and leave less to the unknown.

Why is buying the right size kitchen cabinets important?

Kitchen design mistakes are more pervasive then you might think. When taking on a kitchen remodel and deciding on cabinetry it is important to consider what kind of dishes you have. If hosting all of the holiday meals at your home is your forté and you need room for the turkey roasting pan and three sets of dishes a recommendation would be to plan out how much room you need for storage. Another tip* bring a dinner plate with you when measuring cabinet depth. Not all cabinets are built to fit every size dish.

How will Morey Remodeling handle clean up?

You and your family’s safety is most important. We provide broom-clean up every day on interior work, at the end of the day. While working we employ many dust control remodeling techniques like hanging plastic with zipper doors and the use of the BuildClean Dust Control System which greatly reduces dust migration by 90%. Any materials stored on site will be neat and organized. After completion your home's surrounding areas will be left in equal to or better condition that when we started.

Remodeling FAQs

“The kitchen remodel turned out wonderful. When any of our friends ask how it turned out we tell them it's just like a picture out of a magazine. And when they come to see it they don't want to leave. Thanks Ben for making our dream come true!"

- Larry & Eloise K., Bixby Hill, CA

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