One of the best things about remodeling a kitchen is the opportunity to make your existing space more efficient.  Hallelujah!

If you’re like me, your pre-remodel kitchen cabinets host food items and cooking utensils that are unreachable, get jammed in the back or just disappear into the abyss.  With the addition of an accessory called a “lazy susan”, the unreachable areas become utilized and easily accessible for everyday use.

Lazy susans are circular shelves that rotate around a vertical axle to allow easy access to a greater area of space.  Previously relocated to the corner base cabinets of the kitchen, lazy susan equipped cabinetry now brings efficiency to wall or tall pantry cabinets as well.  Available in plastic, metal, laminate and wood, the newer options offer stylish design, ease of cleaning and a range of price-points to fit any budget.

While designing your new kitchen, be sure to take a lazy susan for a spin – if you don’t have any yet, you’ll be amazed at the convenience such a simple device offers.

How did these wonderfully efficient accessories end up with the name “Lazy Susans”?  If you’re curious – click here.

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