Client Testimonial

What did they have to say? Tim & Kate speak candidly about their recent experience with Morey Remodeling Group in this client testimonial video. Tim Wilton begins by saying, “I felt like Morey was a company we could trust, it felt like a family environment and it felt like you were working with someone rather then a corporation.” 

The remodel included a kitchen, dining room, master bedroom and bath. The Wilton’s were intrigued by the all inclusive process of design, architect and contractor all in one. It fit with their lifestyle of working parents to have one point-of-contact for the entire project. Having a design expert was helpful to bring their vision to life. It also provided what they were looking for when they couldn’t creatively picture the design themselves. 

Design Challenges

One of the challenges that Morey Remodeling had to overcome was to create an open floor plan for the kitchen since Kate was 8 months pregnant at the time. She could no longer squeeze behind the tight area to get to the fridge. Morey Remodeling overcame this challenge by extending the kitchen into the laundry room to create one big space. A closet was built to keep the washer and dryer out of sight.

Tim and Kate were thrilled that the project was completed on time. Kate ends the video by commenting,  “We felt that we could be as involved as we wanted to be and when we couldn’t due to other things going on in our lives it didn’t halt the project. Everything kept moving forward and that was probably most important to us; that the project kept moving and stuck to all the timelines.”

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